We have a wealth of available videos on our Youtube Channel. Some describe our services, but most are of an instructional nature for our many users. Our most recent ones are at the top. Have a look!


How to Use the OPALS Inventory Module (14:58)

Shows how to conduct an inventory of your library’s holdings.


Adding HTML Widgets to your OPALS Home Page (7:26)

Instructions for adding HTML widgets to your OPALS home page.


Google Extensions in OPALS (5:07)

How to Find and Setup Extension Connections for Your Library.


Creation and Use of Hitlists in OPALS (7:38)

Our tutorial on creating and using “hitlists” in OPALS.


Patron History / Privacy Setting in OPALS (3:13)

A tutorial on privacy settings and patron history.


Merging Bibliographic / MARC Records And Associated Holdings In OPALS (6:16)

Describes the process for merging Bibliographic / MARC records and associated holdings in OPALS.


Activating the Location Filter and Authorizing Locations in OPALS (9:57)

A how-to video showing procedures for Activating the Location Filter and Authorizing Locations.


Importing and Cataloging OPALS eBooks (16:20)

A how-to video showing how to import and catalog eBooks in OPALS.


Printing Barcode and Spine Labels in OPALS (12:31)

A 12-minute video showing how to print barcode and spine labels in OPALS.


ILL Process Using a Union Catalog in OPALS (13:11)

An instructional video on procedures for Inter-Library Loans using a Union Catalog in OPALS.


Using the OPALS Beginner Search in the Peru Elementary Library Catalog (4:30)

An instructional video on using the OPALS Beginner Search in the Peru Elementary Library Catalog.


Editing The OPALS Home Page – Part 1 (10:59)

An instructional video on how to edit your OPALS home page.


Editing the OPALS Home Page – Part 2 (8:12)

More about editing your OPALS Home Page.


Barcode Range Assignment & Tables (8:02)

An instructional video on how to use Barcode Range Assignment and tables in OPALS.


John Abbott College Guide to Using OPALS (6:38)

An instructional video created by John Abbott College for their users on how to use the OPALS interface.


Delete Items By Hitlist Tool (6:27)

An instructional Video on how to delete items using the Hitlist Tool.


Creating Topic Walls for Your OPALS Home Page (7:02)

An instructional video on how to create topic walls and then place them on your OPALS home page.


Procedures for Cataloging Using Z-import (11:21)

An instructional video on OPALS cataloging using Z-import.


OPALS presents: Database Access Tips (2:49)

Here are four useful tips when accessing databases with OPALS.


Ron Gillies: Managing Public Library Collections With Statistics (52:00)

Ron Gillies speaks on “Building Advocacy Evidence in Public Libraries”.


Highlights from the 2017 OPALS Advisory Board Meeting (2:05)

Selected highlights from the OPALS Advisory Board Meeting, held in Montreal from July 7-9, 2017.


OPALS Overview Video (1:53)

A brief overview of just some of the many features found in OPALS (OPen-source Automated Library System).


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