Subscription Database Authentication & Management

OPALS Screen Displays

                                                           DPS Single login & Authentication Technology

  • Configure Database Lists
  • Database Listings Display Options
  • Customized – focused lists
  • Multiple List Display Options (…”kids”, adults public and school library members)
  • Web / Mobile Device Access
  • Coordinated Authentication Options
  • Discovery Search
  • Consolidated use statistics


Librarians use OPALS – DPS technology to list all of their subscription and information databases on one convenient Web page which can be accessed from desktops, tablets or mobile devices 24/7.

Multiple Database Listings – Adult – Kids – Custom Topics

DPS includes access to a number of visually attractive display options including a series specially designed for kids. Public and K-12 libraries can create listings appropriate for their members.


DPS technology provides a number of authentication methods. Single login can use a patron’s ID number, an institution’s single login (popular in school settings), and /or use a library’s location code.

Discovery Search

The discovery search enables simultaneous searching of multiple and selected databases in addition to providing access to each database’s search engine, designed to access their specific information data and metadata.


DPS provides many utilities to manage subscriptions. These tools were designed for consortia, which manage as many as several hundred locations and where each location might have different information databases. It is also to tag databases to designate special collections or database sponsors (ex. government or association sponsors).

  • Add or remove a database to or from multiple locations
  • Add or remove multiple databases from a location
  • Assign database access to specific locations
  • Add database button / logo
  • Assign usernames & passwords
  • Select database display listing visual display option
  • Configure multiple lists for a specific site
  • Configure multiple lists
  • Reports

DPS Stats Report Excerpt


OPALS staff has many years experience supporting the complex communication and configuration challenges beneath the easy-to-use database listings and authentication libraries offer to their members. We help you through the very difficult, initial setup process, and continue to support as databases are added to and deleted from a libraries resources list.

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