Reports & Utilities

OPALS Reports & Tools/Utilities


Reports provide important administrative data to help manage a library’s acquisitions, track collection development, and report circulation activity. Most reports include filters that allow you to specify date ranges and set data sorting preferences and can output those reports to a printer or to a CSV file. A number of reports can be emailed. Mouse-over and click each report or utility to learn more about each of them.


  1. Item Acquisitions List
  2. Records Modified
  3. Deleted Items
  4. Missing Items
  5. Lost Items
  6. Damaged Items
  7. Collection Holdings Statistics
  8. Average Copyright Date
  9. Shelflist & Ranges Report

Circulation Statistics Reports

  1. Circulation Statistics
  2. Items not circulated
  3. Reserved Items
  4. Loaned Items List
  5. Fine List
  6. Circ Stats by Title
  7. Circ Stats by User
  8. Notice Email List

Tools / Utilities

  1. 852 Subfield Search
  2. 852 Global Editor
  3. Print Barcode, Spine Labels from Hitlist
  4. Quick Deletion Utility
  5. Deletion / Export from Hitlist
  6. Print a Range of Barcodes
  7. Barcode Command Sheet Printout
  8. List of Member ILL Requests
  9. New Items List Management
  10. Barcode Range Assignment Table
  11. Review User Comments & Ratings
  12. Edit OPALS homepage


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